As a leading interior architect, I am able to provide you with exceptional design services drawing from 13 years of industry experience.
I offer you a unique and innovative approach to tackling all your design needs. From concept right through to completion.
Call me today and book a consultation!

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Lets discuss your project in order to provide assistance with your specific needs.

A Pre-Construction Consultation to help you with;
- Material and colour selections. 
- Lighting design. 
- Furniture and joinery design.
- Spatial Design.
Whether you are planning to build or renovating, get in touch with me today! Making the design and construction process easy is what I do!


Professional lighting design made easy with me!

Often left to chance, the effect lighting has on your space is crucial, with the right Lighting Design Consultation, we can create practical and inviting spaces. At iDWorkshop, I work with my clients throughout the whole process, selecting fittings and designing lighting layouts that work for you. Book a consultation today!


Interior Design by a professional.

Make efficient decisions to get the most out of your space. For over 13 years, I have designed spaces from a simple office to highly detailed luxury residences, hotels and multi-story apartments . I work together with my clients to create designs that are most suitable to their specific needs. Contact me today to book a consultation.